Monday, March 29, 2010

A thought that happened in Relief Society while discussing Adam and Eve

To preside is not to dominate.

The presiding figure at a meeting is the one with the highest level of authority. It doesn't mean they're "better" than anyone else there. Nor does it mean that they are the center of attention (think bishops at BYC). So, yes, the husband presides over his wife and children because he holds (or, as part of his divine nature, is endowed with the ability/responsibility to hold) the priesthood of God.

A good leader--one with real authority as well as official authority--will lead out, encouraging the whole team to move onward and upward. He will show his followers that he loves (verb) them and is working for their best. Wise followers will understand this, will defer to that authority, and will strive to grow and progress under its influence. They will give their all to the goal of the team, becoming leaders in their own right (think the Everest clip from the beginning of the semester).


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