Saturday, April 10, 2010

The last post least for class. I hope that as I continue to learn about and grow in my role in this life, I will also continue to take time to share my thoughts on the subject. For now, here is something that I thought a while ago in response to overwhelming circumstances.

Over the last year, I thought that I was coming to better understand the Lord's love for me. Now I'm realizing that much of His love is manifested through the love of our family and friends. Though I am willing and happy to serve other people, if I am unwilling to receive others' acts of service--unwilling to expect them to love me--I am not fully accepting His love. I have been working so hard on growing into the leader Heavenly Father wants me to be; now I need to learn to follow. I humbly hope that the Lord will teach me to depend on others, to rely upon and grow stronger in their strength.

This class has taught me not just that I am a leader--I already knew that--but, more importantly, that everyone is a leader by divine birthright. As I move forward, I want to help others reach their potential, both by leading (serving) them and by letting them serve me.

"I lift thee, and thee lift me, and we'll both ascend together."


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