Friday, February 12, 2010

Givin' the candlestick, guys.

Well, I'm not really sure if this counts, but I chose to type up my notes from my U.S. History class today and send them to they guy who usually sits next to me but was absent. That might sound a little wimpy, but I have a couple of qualifications: (1) notes from that class are always huge, as we go at a ridiculously fast pace, and (2) the teacher never posts her slides on Blackboard. Having studied with this my neighbor for the last test, I know how heavily he relies on his lecture notes and how hard it would be for him to miss a day.

So, how will doing this help us as a student body become more unified and happy? Hm. Actually, I think it might. We've all gotten those piteous e-mails begging for notes because someone has missed a day or a week or whatever. I've even sent one. I know how happy it would make me to have someone spontaneously send me their notes before I even had to ask; I would know that someone in my class was watching over me and cared enough to help me stay afloat. I think everyone's education at BYU would be better if we viewed our learning as a joint process, a community effort. The society that we're hoping to benefit with our careers is in school with us right now--so let's start now!


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