Monday, February 15, 2010

Not especially leadershippy...

But I wanted to post it somewhere, and I don't like Facebook. The following is an excerpt from an e-mail that I wrote to a friend after hiking the Y on my first Monday here.

"Working toward and growing through those things that will make me happy is hard. Very hard. And when I look up the aggravatingly steep path and see only the next switchback, with no destination in sight, it's too easy to get discouraged. But I need to just grit my teeth and smile and keep breathing and never stop, and when I get to the where I want to be I will be so thrilled and humbled, and so happy to see others make their goals too. And I always want to keep climbing. Because when I'm moving up, even though it hurts, I'm always in control; I can always choose to stop, though I always choose to keep going. But once I start the downward path, away from the goal, it soon becomes nearly impossible to set my own pace. I go faster and faster down the slope until I'm nearly running, against my will. And in real life, there are no pizzas or buckets of ice cream waiting at the bottom."

So, pretty cool. Hope that's beneficial to someone. :)


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