Friday, January 22, 2010


I chose to interrogate my best friend, Madeleine, who is a great leader as well as a great story teller. She inspired me to interview her about leadership when she told me that she had checked out a room in the HBLL and planned to give a lecture on "Good Visual Communication" to the Animation Club.

The really inspiring thing was that she took that initiative in spite of her anxiety about appearing presumptuous ("What right do I have to lecture? I'm no expert!"). So I asked, if she was so doubtful, what got her to set this thing up in the first place? She replied that, amateur as she was, she felt like she had something to contribute to the group in this area. Her love for telling stories and communicating visually had led her to some really great discoveries, and she wanted to share those ideas with the club so that we could all grow.

So, the main leadership qualities that I see in Madeleine are:
  • She is well-versed in her area of expertise. She has taken the time to really study and learn about her subject, and now she is ready to begin teaching others.
  • She is enthusiastic about development. Her current understanding of the principles motivates her to change and growth, the foundation for the next step up.
  • She loves the people she leads and serves. Her care for us as her friends and her desire for all of us to reach our potential as artists are the real driving forces behind this endeavor.
I admire Madeleine greatly for these qualities, and I see in her a fantastic example for me as a Sunday school teacher. Teachers need to be knowledgeable enough about their subject to teach, be humble enough to continue learning, and most especially love their students and the Lord. I hope to emulate these qualities as I prepare to teach His children every month.


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  1. Very good. I like how you were able to draw out some key principles form your interview. Good luck!