Friday, January 29, 2010

Really? Extra Credit?

Hm, leadership in a movie. Well, I just watched Monsters vs. Aliens with my friends (which is why my post is late: fail), which actually has some pretty interesting examples of leadership. The one that I'll focus on here is my tied-for-favorite character: General W. R. Monger. Monger runs the top-secret monster containment unit (aka Area 51), keeping the 5 monsters therein, obviously, top secret. Throughout the course of the film, we see his attitude and leadership style change with the situation. While introducing the main character to her new life in the holding unit, he is stern and authoritative, yet compassionate (as far as he can be) for her distress. Later, Monger takes the initiative to propose a monster attack against the alien invaders. Upon approval, he switches from directing the monsters straight to delegating, instructing them to incapacitate the enemy and then getting completely out of the way. Monger shows complete trust in his wards' abilities to succeed, and demonstrates his dependability as well.

Wow, I'm making him sound all nice and inspiring or something. Yeah, I mostly love him for his stereotypical ROTC image. But it's interesting to note that he appears to be either on one extreme or the other of the leadership spectrum, yet he is an effective and capable leader.

K, sorry that was so long. Have a fantastic weekend, and maybe watch that movie if you haven't yet. It's fairly entertaining.


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