Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 1: What? We did...

So here I am, back to actively and intentionally thinking about leadership. Actually, I used principles and ideas from FOL almost constantly at the beginning of last semester as I tried to adjust to teaching Sunday School. However, I got a little lazy as my weeks to teach kept getting overridden by General and Stake Conferences, Thanksgiving, etc, so it's good and refreshing to be focusing on leadership again.
What struck me most as we began class on Monday and Wednesday was how essential it is to be ready to lead. Everyone, not just a select few, has a role to fill some time--just like the climbers in Erik's team. Our own Section 9 is a team, working towards the goal of becoming more like Christ through leadership. As we each step up and support each other, I know that we will reach that goal and that we will be ready to be Christlike leaders for others in our lives who need us.

I lift thee and thee lift me, and both ascend together.
-Quaker proverb

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  1. Emily - this is a great introductory post. I like the depth and thought you obviously put into it. I hope that we can, as a section, be a team and make our journey this semester in a unified manner. Have a great weekend!