Friday, January 15, 2010

If only Sir Churchill had taught Old Testament

Week 2, and it's that time, folks! Not as much of a drum-roll as reverent pencil-clatter, it's my leadership role as a Sunday School teacher!!! Woooo!

It may be noted that I only teach once a month. However, my calling is foremost on my mind far more often than one might think. And I may get called in to sub some time. Who knows? At any rate, I wanted this to be the focus of my leadership learning experience because I used principles that I learned at FOL to help myself get into this calling at the beginning of last semester (I think I mentioned that in my last post. Oh well.). Also, teaching is right now my favorite form of leadership.

OK, so at the International Time Warp Commission I became Sir Winston Churchill of Great Britain. His accomplishments and leadership were rather incredible, and his speeches very memorable. Actually, it was (partially) through his speeches that Churchill brought Britain through World War II as he inspired the people to fight for their liberty, to protect their children and their homeland. Reminds me a bit of Captain Moroni's Title of Liberty. Though not in a position of political or military power at all, I would like to be able to inspire my Gospel Doctrine class to endure to the end of this life, to fight valiantly for the truth.

It's important to remember that Churchill was sometimes criticized for his speeches, accused of producing sparkling rhetoric at the expense of total accuracy of facts. I don't want to skew or warp the doctrine that I'm teaching (I hope that's not a huge concern, but I may tend that way an English geek...). The best remedy/preventative measure that I can think of is to remain humble and remember that the Holy Ghost is the real teacher; I'm merely there to open the door for him.


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